Patents « in action » (Index)


This section is dedicated to some of those patents that were actually put into practice in the Grand-Duchy.

Fences & Gates (André & Fleury)

Panification mécanique « Rolland » (Eydt)

Bell suspension (Ritter)

Metallurgy (Thomas)

Metallurgy (Whitwell)

Mondorf’s thermal water source (Kind)

Camiontricycle (Gontier-Grigy)

Door knobs (Poncin)

Espalier structure (Neuen-Therer)

Pneumatic messenger system (D’Huart de Nothomb)

Towel suspender (Moris)

Clip-on device for food plates (Merten)

Spark plug (Lenoir)

Electrotherapeutic apparatus (Poos)

The following patent was put into practice some 150 years after the invention was made.

Funicular (Sigl)