154 - Hendrik BEINS (Dr med.) (1835 - 1888) [1]

BEINS was born in Groningen and resided there when he applied for a brevet d’importation in Luxembourg.

He was a Fabrikant and had obtained patents in some German states and in the USA for « Improvement in manufacturing carbonic acid ».  [2]

He is considered to be the inventor of producing liquid carbonic acid.

On 19 March 1873, using the services of Charles Auguste MUNCHEN, BEINS filed a patent application for:

Verfahren, Kohlensäure von beliebiger Spannung zu erzeugen und Verwendung derselben im komprimierten Zustand zu verschiedenen Zwecken

In the introduction to his US patent the inventor explains:

The object of my invention is the manufacture of carbonic acid by heating carbonate of lime in a closed retort of any convenient material, and then conducting the produced acid through a pipe, under the pressure of the gas, into a refrigerated reservoir, in which the carbonic acid is collected in a compressed state. 

The retort, having been filled with lime, is tightly closed, and only one or more holes left, through which the carbonic acid (C02) can escape. The material being heated to a light white heat, the development of the acid begins immediately, and is continued until all C02 is disengaged. This is effected under a low pressure, and there remains in the retort nothing but caustic lime, which is of a very good quality, even if only made of oyster-shells. 

When slaked it is perfectly white, soft, and fatty, and free of ashes. Such a furnace and retort consumes less fuel and furnishes a lime superior to that produced by ordinary lime-furnaces.

Although the patent application was entered into the Register, the corresponding administrative file has not been preserved and no notice of grant can be found in the Mémorial of that period. [3]


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[2] US patent No 152,269

[3] The Mémorial of 1880, however, lists a patent grant which could be a continuation or a re-filing of the 1873 application; it carries exactly the same title.

N° 64. - Le 21 septembre 1880. — Au Dr Henri Beins, à Groningue, représenté par M. Charles-Auguste München, avocat-avoué, qui a fait élection de domicile, pour lui et pour son mandant, à Luxembourg, en sa demeure ; — pour un procédé nouveau de production d'acide carbonique d’une pression quelconque, et de l’application de cette substance, à l’état comprimé, à divers usages scientifiques et industriels.