1 - Jean-Baptiste DUPONT (1758 - 1837) [1]

DUPONT was the first inventor recorded in the Register of patent applications in Luxembourg. He was born in Florenville (Province de Luxembourg) in 1758 and moved to Marche en Famenne (Province de Luxembourg) where he married Elisabeth ADAM in 1786. 

DUPONT was maître de forges in Roche à Frêne, near Marche en Famenne.

In 1819, two years after the introduction of the Patent Law, DUPONT filed a patent application in Luxembourg-city. He had instructed député M. LECLERC to file, on his behalf, the required documents at the Greffe des Etats in Luxembourg-city. (LECLERC was thus the first mandataire for patents of invention in Luxembourg.)

DUPONT himself lived in Sinsin, a village near Marche-en-Famenne.

His patent application, filed on 31 August 1819, related to a

Nouvel engrais

In support of his patent application DUPONT handed in:

… un paquet informant la description de son secret et les pièces à l’appui de sa demande.

The corresponding administrative file has not been preserved and it is therefore no longer possible to know what kind of fertiliser DUPONT had invented. [2]

No notice of grant was subsequently published in the Mémorial which would suggest that the patent application was rejected.

DUPONT died in Marche en Famenne in 1837.


[1] FamilySearch database (G7WJ-Q92)

[2] A fertiliser known as “cendres de Flize” had been discovered in the French Ardennes some 60 km from Florenville where Dupont grew up (see No 29). Could this substance have been the subject-matter of Dupont’s patent application ?