Under the Law of 1817, out of the 322 patent applications that were filed (according to the administrative files), 285 were recorded in the official Patent Register. 

The difference (37) between these two numbers represents the number of applications considered to be enquiries only, plus the number of applications which had not been entered into the Register. 

A total of 177 patents were granted.

It can be seen from the above graph that very few applications were filed between 1817 and 1840. Only 4 patents were granted. 

As of 1840, patents could be obtained only for the Grand-Duché and no longer for the Royaume des Pays-Bas. The fees were lower than before and the patent system was mainly used by the residents (see below).

Starting around 1870, the interest in patents grew very rapidly among non-resident applicants.

Out of the 177 patents that were granted under the Patent Law of 1817, 53 patents were granted to residents and 124 to non-residents.